Links to a Few Selected Talks

FabLearn Keynote: a critical look at Making
TED: Sketching Electronics
NSF Cyberlearning Summit: Art, Craft, and Electronics
Eyeo: Making and Social Justice

A More Complete List

Fall 2018: SAR, Connecting Science, Technology, and Culture in Education
Fall 2018: CU Boulder, Beautiful, Meaningful Computation: Identity and Engagement in the Context of CS4All
Summer 2018: Interaction Design and Children Conference, Action <-> Representation, (with Jeanne Bamberger)
Summer 2018: FabLearn Europe Keynote, Celebrating Art, Craft, and Computation
Spring 2018: UC Berkeley, Learning vs? Education
Spring 2018: Georgia Tech, Hand and Machine: Exploring Digital Craftsmanship
Fall 2017: InWIC, Expressive Computing
Fall 2017: Indiana University, STEM is Everywhere
Summer 2017: Santa Fe Opera, Technology and the West Conference
Spring 2017: Drexel University, Learning Innovation Speaker: Inequality in School
Spring 2017: Steward School
Spring 2017 SITE Conference Keynote: STEM is Everywhere
Fall 2016 Stanford FabLearn Keynote: Inclusive Maker Ed
Fall 2016 Texas State University: STEM is Everywhere
Fall 2016 PASEO Festival: Making Material Interactions
Summer 2016 Emerging Learning and Design Keynote: STEM is Everywhere
Spring 2016 UCSD Design@Large: Program and Be Programmed or Computational Thinking != Critical Thinking
Summer 2015 UTeach Keynote: Making and Social Justice
Summer 2105 Constructing Modern Knowledge Keynote: Making and Social Justice
Spring 2015 University of Minnesota: Making Material Interactions
Fall 2014 University of Massachusetts
Summer 2014 Eyeo: Making and Social Justice
older stuff + links coming sometime, maybe…