Eunsuk Hur

Coding the Body was an exhibit I curated for apexart in 2014.

Excerpt from the program catalogue:
“Codes and machines are claiming more and more of our time, our attention, and our physical selves. With each year, we spend more time interacting with computers and less time interacting with people and the natural environment. And yet, software is revealing vast new spaces of knowledge, expression, and experience—introducing us to entirely new ways of thinking about and interacting with the world.

Coding the Body interrogates the relationships between humans and code. It turns to cyborgs, robots, fashion designers, geneticists, artists, and others to explore how code is being used to understand, control, decorate, and replicate us. The exhibition celebrates the beauty of code and its manifestations while casting a wary eye on its ever-expanding power.”

Featuring work by:
Kelly Dobson
Nervous System
Yves Gellie
Ben Fry
Eunsuk Hur
Thecla Schiphorst
Cait & Casey Reas
Diane Willow
Amit Zoran
Sarah Fdili Alaoui
Francis Bitonti
Karen Bradley